Just slip out the back, Jack
Make a new plan, Stan

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I make it a point never to disagree with Daniele De Rossi when he’s right. He often is, but this time I’m not so sure. Taking Garcia in defense is honorable of him, but I think it betrays precisely the … Continue reading

Slippery slopes

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I remember in the spring of 2015 — remarkable not because it was so long ago, but because I’ve been trying to repress those memories —when Roma were playing football a lot like they did today against Atalanta. Things weren’t that bad, some … Continue reading

Killer bee stung, guess who back home son

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Fiorentina-Roma (1-2) told through gifs from a 50 year old cartoon. I’m very, very sorry. The story began in the summer when Roma recruited Mohamed Salah:   Now he plays in nicer colours:   When the game began he was … Continue reading